Food and supplements that are good for mental health

Dr. Kruger natural supplementsThere is a definite mind, body, soul connection to emotional well-being. Clients who complain about depression and anxiety often have an imbalance in nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies can play a significant role in maintaining and regulating the well-being of mental health.

Research indicates that there are ten common deficiencies that weaken brain function and memory and aggravate stress and anxiety:

1. Omega 3-Fatty acids
This maintains the brain’s cell health. A deficiency causes inflammation that can lead to disorders in your mood. Good sources: Fish, eggs, flaxseed oil and walnuts.

2. B Vitamines
The Vitamin B6 and B12 is important in combating depression. Good sources: Seafood, leafy greens, bananas and red meat.

3. Folic acid
Research indicate that a lack of folate in the bodily system causes the body to respond poorly to antidepressant treatments. Good sources: Spinach, avocado, broccoli and tropical fruits.

4. Zinc
This balances mental health and supports the body’s immune system. It is important in production and function of neurotransmitters. Good sources: Pumpkin, dark chocolate, spinach.

5. Selenium
This plays a role in healthy thyroid function that regulate hormones and antioxidants in the body. Good sources: Sunflower seeds, tuna, whole wheat bread, Brazil nuts.

6. Magnesium
Due to the foods we consume that are high in sugar, levels of magnesium are easily depleted. Experts refer to magnesium as the ‘stress antidote’, a mineral that helps with relaxation. Good sources: Soy-beans, low-fat dairy and dried fruit.

7. Vitamin D
Winter time is known for an increase in people with depression due to the lower levels of sunlight. Good sources: Oily fish, mushrooms, cod liver oil, tofu and sunlight!

8. Iodine
This also plays an important role in thyroid functioning. It boots the immune system, memory and regulate body temperature. Good sources: Raw cheeses, iodine-enriched salt, potatoes, cranberries, tuna.

9. Iron
Iron deficiency can result in an insufficiency of red blood cells that cause anaemia, fatigue and brain fog. Good sources: Cashew and almond nuts, liver, spinach.

10. Amino Acids
Amino acids are not naturally produced by our bodies. It helps with neurotransmitters in our brains and reduce fear, panic attacks and stress. Good sources: eggs, dairy, meat.

A healthy body houses a healthy mind! Support your body to give you optimal mental health!

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