There is a difference between the way that males and females show relational aggression (bullying). Mean girls are in every school and in every grade. It is important to create awareness in our society about the often overlooked or unspoken reality of female bullying. This workshop is intended to help professionals who work with youth affected by relational aggression to assist them to move from a survivor to thriver.

Aims of the workshop:

  • Understanding and classifying the various forms of relational aggression.
  • Discussing the short and long term effects of relational aggression.
  • Explore the arena of cyber-bullying amongst girls.
  • Using the relational aggression survey to discover the dynamics of the problem in the school.
  • Discussing the critical steps for reducing relational aggression.
  • Discuss strategies and activities for working with relational aggression.

Outcomes of the workshop:

After completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Have a beter understanding of relational aggression amongst girls.
  • Becoming more technological savvy regarding cyber-bullying by understanding how girls communicate with their devices.
  • Gain strategies on how to support girls to become more bully-proof.


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