Date: 31 August 2017

Time: 8:30-15:30

Price: R1400

Venue: Dalpark-Education Development Centre. 18 Essenhout Street, Dalpark, Brakpan.

Presenter: Dr. Lenette Kruger

CPD:  12 Ethics ; Level 1


As Practitioners we are often so busy with the business of helping others that ethical record keeping is not always first on our minds. The workshop is aimed at understanding what is required by the HPCSA (booklet 14) in terms of our record keeping and to ensure that we are compliant with what is needed to protect ourselves and our clients.

Aims of the workshop:

  • Understanding why good record keeping is important and the guidelines for record keeping.
  • Understanding the difference between process notes and session notes.
  • Discussion of what is required in process notes and what format to use.
  • Discussion of what is required in session notes and what format to use.
  • What is meant by a treatment plan for your clients.
  • Discussion of guidelines of note taking.
  • Understanding the guidelines on releasing information.
  • Understanding how to keep records from a positive psychology stance.
  • A brief look at the DSM-V and ICD-10 codes.

Outcomes of the workshop:

After completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the importance of record keeping and what is required according to the HPCSA.
  • Be able to differentiate between process and session notes and how to write them effectively.
  • Be able to write treatment plans for their clients.
  • Be able to write effective notes for their sessions.
  • Have a clearer understanding of what is ethically required when releasing information.
  • Have knowledge regarding the DSM-V and ICD-10 codes and how to use them from a positive psychology stance.

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