Date: 26 May 2017

Time: 8:30-13:30

Price: R1200

Venue: Dalpark-Education Development Centre. 18 Essenhout Street, Dalpark, Brakpan.

Presenter: Dr. Lenette Kruger

CPD:  5 General; Level 1


Resilience is the happy knack of being able to bungee jump through the pitfalls of life. The demands and challenges in life are on the increase. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the pressures of peers, social media and high expectations. It is important that they learn the competencies to not only rebound from difficulties but to thrive and have grit to try again! The workshop is intended to guide Psychologists in how to empower teenagers with the competencies needed to become resilient and to enhance the strengths they have inherently.

Aims of the workshop:

  • Understanding the theory underlying resilience and grit.
  • Discussion of the Resilience Enhancement Kit (Emotional, Social and Cognitive domains)
  • Discussion of the assessment instrument to measure resilience.
  • Practical illustrations and activities of building resilience and grit with teenagers.

Outcomes of the workshop:

After completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the competencies needed for resilience enhancement and development.
  • Be able to use the assessment instrument to measure the teenager’s level of resilience.
  • Be able to use activities and techniques to enhance resilience in teenagers.

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