Creative strategies and activities for young people who self-harm.

Date: 26 October 2017

Time: 8:30-13:30

Price: R1200

Venue: Dalpark-Education Development Centre. 18 Essenhout Street, Dalpark, Brakpan.

Presenter: Dr. Lenette Kruger

CPD:  5 General; Level 1


Negative thoughts about self-worth, body-image and ineffective ways of dealing effectively with emotions often lead to self-injury (cutting, picking, carving, pinching, burning, biting etc.) as a way of coping. These clients seldom arrive on their own at your private practice or report to the counsellor at school. They are often referred by a concerned parent, teacher or friend.  In working with youth who self-injure it is helpful to have approaches and activities that will resonate with the client and be helpful to express their feelings, understand why they self-injure, engage in a healing process and explore new methods of coping and prevention in order for them to find new meaning and purpose in their lives.

Aims of the workshop:

The aim is to clarify and understand the following:

  • Classifying self-injury and the varieties of self-injury.
  • Explore the underlying causes of self-injury.
  • Assess the road to self-injury.
  • Discuss the categories of self-injury.
  • Discuss risk factors, myths and culture subgroups that play a role.
  • Discuss ethical considerations for working with youth who self-injure and the role of the therapist.
  • Classifying stages of addictions and change.
  • Illustrate practical interventions and strategies for helping youth who self-injure.

Outcomes of the workshop:

After completion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Have a beter understanding of the nature of self-injury with young people.
  • Implement the ethical principles in working with youth who self-injure.
  • Gain strategies, techniques and knowledge of activities to assist youth who self-injure.

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