The Department of Education (GDE) and the Independent Examination Board (IEB) allows a learner to apply for accommodations if he/she needs support in overcoming barriers to learning and development to perform at the same level as a learner without a barrier in education. Accommodation applications are usually done from grade 7. Learners at university level can also apply again for accommodations if they were granted in high school. Accommodation applications for Grade 12 examinations must be submitted during the learner’s Grade 11 year.

Accommodations will only be considered to learners experiencing barriers to learning where:

  • The school and not the parent apply on behalf of a learner.
  • There is evidence or history of barriers to learning.
  • Accommodations WILL NOT be grated to an applicant who is seeking solely to enhance his/her scholastic performance.
  • Accommodations WILL NOT be granted to an applicant where the learner has difficulty with language as the medium of instruction because it is not his/her home language.
  • Accommodations are granted once learners have been assessed and show a significant learning difficulty which will compromise examination performance.
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