• Psycho-Educational Assessment – A full psycho-educational assessment which thoroughly assesses the barrier to learning and a comprehensive clinical history. The assessment needs to be recent, within 6 months, of submitting the application.
  • Relevant Medical Reports – If applicable, a medical report from the practitioner must be provided.  This report must include the, diagnosis, intervention strategies (current and previous), residual challenges that impede examination performance and the professional recommendation.
  • Supporting Historical Evidence – Any supporting reports such as Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Remedial reports or any other past assessments should be included to support the accommodation application.
  • Teacher Comments – At least three pertinent subject teacher comments should be included with the application. These should be written independently. The comments should provide an understanding of how the learner’s difficulties impact on work in class and in assessments.
  • School Report – The most recent school report must be submitted or reports supporting the decline in marks over time.
  • School Samples – Examples of work which support the consideration of the accommodation being applied for should be submitted. For example – a handwriting application would require submission of an example of timed deteriorating handwriting, a time accommodation would require samples of incomplete tests and a reading accommodation would require tests involving comprehension.

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